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Pierre Guillaume, the Numbered Collection

Started in 2002.

Each of the fragrances in the Parfumerie Générale collection is a new stop on a voyage to the heart of the Pierre Guillaume style. By using the mixture of genres, the designer spontaneously expresses its olfactory aesthetics and personal tastes. He explores in turn different numbered olfactory themes, which follow one another in this collection.

Thus its tobaccos are grouped under the theme 02, its orange flowers under the theme 19, its aromatic flowers under the theme 09, etc …The fragrances of the collection are often described as talkative and compared to twists and turns, for their evolutionary character on the skin, a true olfactory signature of the PG style.

Under the nomenclature «X.1», Pierre Guillaume offers in the form of «Reworks», another interpretation of an olfactory theme already treated. New fragrances complete the collection. Like a painter whose artistic variations would define Periods, Pierre Guillaume coexists, in his production, several expressions of his ideas and reinterprets his themes of predilection. Evolution of style, technique and personal taste, new ingredient allowing the rewriting of a formula are all reasons for the perfumer to retrace his steps and thus deliver us new emotions.

The emblem bottle of the House was designed as a window on the perfume. It is reduced to its simplest expression and the edges have been pushed to the technical limits, so as to be forgotten and allow to focus on the juice.

christodoulos chatzimavroudis